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Gina Marie Smith

Gina Marie Smith
Gina Marie Smith

Gina Marie Smith

Mrs. Gina comes to us from Salem, Massachusetts. She brings a wealth of intense training, experience and knowledge to Integrity Dance Center. She has been teaching Gymnastics/tumbling for over 10 years and is a very well known and respected coach in the state of Florida. She is also Red Cross, First Aid and CPR certified in the state of Florida. Mrs. Gina retired gymnastics at Level 10 in her gymnastics career.

Mrs. Gina began training at the age of 7 when she was inspired by one of her heroes, the legendary gold medalist Mary Lou Retton. At age 12, Mrs. Gina held the title of Florida State Champion in gymnastics. She also became a three time Junior Olympian Gymnast as well as a three time Junior Olympian for tumbling and trampoline. At the age of 13, she continued to excel and was selected for Team Florida, only the top 7 gymnasts in the state of Florida are chosen for this elite Junior Olympic Team. After completing this Mrs. Gina decided to try something different so at age 14 she auditioned for a popular Nickelodeon TV show entitled “GUTS”. This game show tested children’s physical abilities and endurances by providing intense obstacle courses that they must overcome in order to be crowned the champion. During the shows second taping of the season Mrs. Gina was one of the finalists along with two other 14 year old boys. By the end of the show Mrs. Gina beat out her opponents and was crowned the champion. (You can still catch Mrs. Gina in action on Nickelodeon’s GAS channel during reruns of GUTS).

Upon entering high school, Mrs. Gina was immediately placed on the Varsity Squad and quickly became the Captain of its nationally ranked All-Star Cheer Squad, Competition Squad and was named its Most Valuable Player. Mrs. Gina’s high school achievements didn’t end there, she graduated from Lake Howell High School in the top 10 of her Senior Class. Mrs. Gina continued her studies at the University of Central Florida and made its distinguished Cheerleading Squad. The University of Central Florida is one of the top ten collegiate cheer teams in the nation. Mrs. Gina was then chosen among hundreds to become a UCA staff member and traveled around the U.S. conducting tumbling clinics and camps. Mrs. Gina graduated from the University of Central Florida Suma Cum Laude and at the top 10 percent of her class. Mrs. Gina holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology.

Currently, Mrs. Gina judges for UCA competitions and Gymnastic meets throughout the state of Florida. She coaches many national title holders and has conducted clinics with 1984 gold medalist Scott Johnson. Mrs. Gina enjoys sharing her expertise with her students and we are thrilled to have her at Integrity Dance Center. When asked what has been her most rewarding achievement, she simply states, “That’s easy, my two beautiful children, Alexandra and Hunter.” One of Mrs. Gina’s favorite quotes that she loves to share with all of her students.

“You are all champions in your own way. That doesn’t mean you have to be number 1 or be the best. Just do your best. If you aren’t first, then make those people ahead of you break records by pushing them with your personal best. Consider for a moment what we achieve from athletics- the sheer fun of competing- the building of a healthy and alert mind and body-stamina, courage, perseverance, dedication, commitment, selflessness and most importantly, the will to excel.”

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