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Dance is great for a child’s confidence and health

Dance is great for a child’s confidence and health

Improve child’s confidence and health. Taking regular dance classes results in many valuable skills and improvements other than great health benefits … Children gain so many benefits taking dance:

Dancing Feels Good

Moving to music makes everyone young and old feel good. You only have to look at the way a young baby bops away to a fast beat to see this. Music and dance can take children with low confidence away from their inner concerns and encourage them to express themselves in a physical way.

Dance Works That Brain

Dancing involves using use both sides of your brain: one half for technique and control and the other for creativity and artistry. Dance can therefore increase brain productivity and children can increase their attention spans. Also listening to music helps children think and express themselves more creatively.

Increased Social Skills

Dance studios usually work towards a yearly recital. For the dance recital to be it’s best, children have to work together and cooperate. Also, for those who are shy or lacking in self-confidence, a dance class offers a safety net of rules and repetition.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Starting off it may be hard for a child to master the technique of a routine. However, with persistence and patience a child learns that they can overcome the challenge. Children will begin to believe that they can achieve anything if they focus and work hard. In dance, discipline, dedication and practice are vital. A good dance teacher encourages each child to be the best that she or he can be.

Improves Posture

The discipline of dance teaches a child how to stand up straight and how to express physical grace, confidence and strength.

For years when I have gone to pick my daughter up from school, I instantly recognize her by the way she walks and holds herself, even when surrounded by tons of other kids. It’s not arrogance, it’s a confidence… a posture developed over all the years of dance class that will serve her so well in her adulthood.

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